Drymen Community Trust
Drymen Community Trust

Welcome to Drymen, "The gateway to east Loch Lomond".


The Drymen Health Centre has moved from an open access system to and an appointment system. See the Drymen Helth Centre Info page under the Local Resources tab.


We welcome you to Drymen’s website. This website seeks to inform its residents and visitors about ongoing projects and events in Drymen. It also serves as information and reference resource for information about the village.

Drymen in Bloom did this

The Drymen Community Development Trust (DCDT) Enterprise Company  (The Drymen Community Trust for ease)  is pleased to provide this website as a service to the community.

Drymen is proud to be a close-knit community in which people care for all within its boundaries. 


DCDT Enterprise Company(Drymen Community Trust)

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